dimanche 24 octobre 2010

Interieur 2010 design fair, Kortrijk

Milan's got its Furniture fair, Paris its Maison & Objet fair... but the smaller city of Kortrijk (Courtrai) also has its own design fair, Interieur ! Taking place every two years, this fair exhibits slightly less "mainstream" designers and furniture publishers. That's why I decided to go. And I actually saw some published furniture pieces and some design students projects that were really off the beaten track.  
Here is just a selection. 

"Trends" area

 Modular lighting company's booth, in the shape of a giant pinball

 "Dwelling Lab" by Patricia Urquiola and Giulio Ridolfo for Kvadrat, Flos and BMW

Ronél Jordaan's wool pebbles wall

Design student projects 

"Picnic Family" chairs (Living Divani) by Junya Ishigami, guest of honor of the fair

samedi 23 octobre 2010

A day in Lille

This week I stopped on my way to Kortrijk's design fair (more details in my next post) in the beautiful city of Lille. Locals are know to be nice and welcoming, and I must say it's true. Here are a few pictures of what caught my attention or inspired me... as well as some good addresses you should visit if you go there!

Lille's typical architecture

Just a beautiful door...

Le Petit Souk, a really nice shop for kids furniture, accessories and apparel

 Méert pastry shop (since 1761), where you can get the famous vanilla waffle...

Ombres Portées, a very chic and hip perfume shop

lundi 18 octobre 2010

Brocante in Ahetze

Every 3rd sunday of the month, the Brocante d'Ahetze (between Saint Jean de Luz and Biarritz) offers a wide variety of antiques, creations and second hand products. Here are just a few pics of last sunday's...

Two places really caught my attention. First one is a booth held by a couple who assembles different objects to create unique ones, especially lamps. They're called "La Belle Etoile".

Second place, "Relook' meubles", had really nice furniture from the 50's on, and the man in charge was pretty welcoming and passionate about his products. Go check it out yourself next time you're around!

dimanche 17 octobre 2010


AMuseum is an M+D project based on a simple statement: art is everywhere, not only in museums. Subsequently, YOU can even be a masterpiece! 

Museum wall labels are one of the most recognizable codes of a museum, to the extent they can actually MAKE the work they present a "work of art". These wall labels, placed in random places around Biarritz, suddenly make the people looking at them the main character of the installation. 

The name of the project, A-Museum, refers to the privative "A" prefix, intended to deny the "Museum" name. Funily enough, it can also be read as Amuse-um, as this whole project is about fun, amusement and second degree!

 Curiosité éphémère - Ephemeral curiosity

 Humain debout de dos - Standing human being

Humain allongé - Lying human being

jeudi 14 octobre 2010

V Workshop in Barcelona

Wether you're looking for good illustrations for your magazine or your brand, or just wandering around the streets of Barcelona, here's a good address: -V-Workshop. V stands for "vecinos", spanish word for "neighbours" and that's how Joan Tarrago Pamplona and Marga Lopez - as neighbours - get to know each other before they created their dream : -V- workshop. With the aim of building bridges between art, design and fashion, they work on their own art projects as well as on different brands' projects. 
Their shop and workshop is a welcoming little room built in the old walls of a building of the Borne district in Barcelona. There they draw, design, print, engrave and sell all kinds of products, from paintings to t-shirts, pillows or engraved skateboards, everything bearing their unique style. Visit http://www.vworkshop.com to learn more about them!

Joan & Marga, congrats my friends!

dimanche 3 octobre 2010

Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine

While the Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine just closes its doors, I just wanted to share a few pictures with you. This festival promotes Latin America's culture and cinema, and the Festival's "village", located in the Casino, also highlights music, photography and craftsmanship.

 Beautiful view on the rooftop terrace, where you can eat delicious quesadillas and empanadas

 Photo exhibition by Jacques Borgetto

Mexican craftsmanship